Since its opening in 1994, the MAMCO Geneva (Musée d’art moderne et contemporain), has developed an original form of museography. Mainly working with art from since the 1960s, MAMCO bases its action on several principles: a conception of the museum as a “global exhibition” which brings together, in the continuity of a visit, temporary exhibitions and renewed presentations of its permanent collections; a variation in the types of spaces and displays, so as to evoke the history of museums (from a collector’s apartment to the “white cube” or the artist’s studio); a “collection of artists’ spaces” (ECART Archives, Sarkis, Claude Rutault, Siah Armajani, and a Cabinet of Concrete poetry); and, finally, a regular attention to the Genevan and Swiss scenes.

Devoted to the art of our era, it places art and artists at its hearth and is addressed at all publics. It offers historical journeys through several exhibitions articulated around a main project, renewed three times a year. Established in a disused factory, purchased by the City of Geneva, the spaces of the MAMCO are spread over 3,500 m2, thus making it currently the largest museum devoted to contemporary art in Switzerland.

The industrial building in which it is situated also contains the Centre d’Art Contemporain as well as the Centre de la Photographie that develop their own exhibition programs. MAMCO handles a collection of over 6,000 works, and develops, thanks to its scholarly activities, a specialized center of documentation and archives which is accessible on appointment, as well as various educational practices (aimed at both adults and children).

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