Before MAMCO closes for renovation, we will put on one last exhibition curated by all of you: visitors, members of the Friends Association, members of the museum boards, partners, and other interested parties. If you have a favorite work in mind, please let us know: the museum’s entire collection is fair game for this project.

The bulk of the collection can be viewed on the museum’s website, although the online catalogue omits works by some artists owing to a lack of high-quality images. To fill that gap, a list of these artists is added to this formular.

Our team of curators, led by Julien Fronsacq, will arrange the requested works throughout the museum, which will be devoted entirely to this special exhibition. It might not be possible to include all the requested works in the exhibition, as space is naturally limited. Also, some may be on loan elsewhere or undergoing restoration. In these cases, our curators will decide which items to exclude, or select replacements for pieces that are unavailable.

Interested? Send us your choice of artwork you'd like to see (back)!

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