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This summer, the MAMCO is dedicating a major exhibition to American artist Kelley Walker (b. 1969, Columbus, Georgia), in the 1,000 m² of the museum’s first floor. In his work, Kelley Walker uses techniques found in Pop art (such as collage, photography, silkscreen printing) as well as digital tools, to question the current circulation and consumption of images. The project, organized by Fabrice Stroun and Lionel Bovier, strives to summarize one of the most discussed practice today through a retrospective exhibition. His main series are included, in particular the “Black Star Press,” which superimpose silkscreen printed images, previously used by Warhol, to layers of chocolate; the “Rorschach,” fragmented mirrors and homage to the test designed by the famous Swiss psychologist; the “Brick paintings,” mixing brick patterns with information from daily and specialized media; as well as more recent research on the passage from image to object.

This exhibition, echoing Wade Guyton’s one in 2016, is an opportunity to address issues concerning the image and its corporeality in recent art history. “Swiss Pop,” based on a proposal by Samuel Gross, thus opens the third floor and serves as an introduction to one of the first moments in Postwar era of the image’s questioning, both in terms of its auratic unicity and its (mostly industrial) mode of fabrication.

An exhibition of images and photographic projects by Canadian collective General Idea prolong, on the same floor, a reflection on the mediatic and physical versatility of the image within the McLuhanesque society taking shape after the Second World War.

Finally, the addition of works by Cady Noland, Laurie Parsons, and Felix Gonzalez-Torres on the second floor, completes an overview of American practices linked to the “Pictures Generation,” to appropriation, and to politics of representation (Jenny Holzer, Jack Goldstein, Sherrie Levine). It ends a cycle of exhibitions organized by Lionel Bovier aiming at providing an overview of the main stakes shared by a generation of artists that one could call the “last iconologists”: in short, artists for whom the image still possesses weight, presence, and semantic strength—all features that the growing digitalization of the 1990s progressively erased to the benefit, in the 2000s, of an understanding of the image as a “liquid skin,” able to mutate indefinitely, and to be applied on any support.

The Kelley Walker exhibition is supported by Henri Harsch HH SA.






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MAMCO opened in 1994 thanks to the perseverance of AMAM (Association pour un musée d’art moderne, now Amis du MAMCO) and the generosity of 8 patrons, who created the FONDATION MAMCO. Pooling together the support of its Founders and, later, its Co-founders, the foundation was the main source of funding and the sole governing body of the museum up until 2005, when it joined forces with the State and City of Geneva to create a public foundation, known as FONDAMCO.

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